Posted on 21 April 2018

You brought your food truck to Camp Flog Gnaw this year and you also performed. What was it like to blend cooking and performing together at the festival?

I’ve done that before, and it’s definitely one of those things where in the midst of it it's torturous because it's really hard to do. But before and after, I always think it was a great idea. [Laughs] Afterwards I’m like, That was dope, I’m really glad I did that. But in the middle of it I’m just like, This is a horrible idea.

Did you ever have doubts about pursuing a career as a chef? Or was it more like, I don’t care, I’m doing this.

When I went to culinary school, it was at a time in my career when I was super fed up. It I was 27, so it had been like... I woke up one day and I was like, Yo it’s been freaking 10 years that I’ve been doing [music] and I haven’t done anything else.

First of all, this was never my plan. Not to sound ungrateful but, like, it wasn’t my plan. It sort of happened and I allowed it to happen and I got on that train and kept going. People come up to me all the time and they’re like, Hey I wanna get into the industry (which sounds crazy to me) I wanna get into the business, what’s your advice? And I’m like, “Dude, if you have to ask then you shouldn’t do it.” It’s not a question, it just is.


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