The Simplicty of Consignment

Clockwise: SUNO dress (sold for $450), CHANEL pearls (sold for $550), LV wallet (sold for $350), SAINT LAURENT purse (sold for $2850), FENDI shoes (sold for $350)

There is money sitting in your closet. We make the process as simple as possible so you can cleanse your closet and feel good about it too!





Sell more, faster

Make more money with faster sales and higher payouts. Items sell faster with our physical boutique and ebay store than any other consignment shop in Los Angeles


Get more money back

For store drop offs, you'll receive 65% for each item that sells for over $1,000 and 50% back in trade or 40% back in check for everything else.


White glove service

We travel anywhere in Los Angeles county if you are looking for a full closet overhaul or have a larger quantity of items.


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