There is money sitting in your closet. We make the process as simple as possible so you can cleanse your closet and feel good about it too!

Sell more, faster

We’re able to take more items with both our physical store and high volume ebay shop.

Get more money back

Consignors earn up to 60% of the sale price, higher than most in the Los Angeles region.

White glove service

We travel anywhere in Los Angeles county if you are looking for a full closet overhaul or have a larger quantity of items.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment to sell or consign?
We highly suggest making an appointment beforehand to bring in items, which you can set up by phone (323 928 2128) or email  ( 

Are all of your items available online or is there more in store?
About 50% of our inventory is on our ebay, as we don't update our site as frequently. There is much more in store. All purses over $500 are sold online only.

Do you only consign, or do you buy items as well?
90% of the time we do items on consignment, but we can sometimes do a straight buy if you have just a few pieces (which requires setting up an appointment). We never buy very high-end items.

What is the consignment percentage breakdown? 

Consignors receive 60% of the sale price for any single item that sells for over $1,000, and then 50% in trade or 40% in check for everything else.


How do you set pricing?
We research every piece before pricing to determine the going rate for the item including the condition and age of the garment. Handbags and jewelry are also often set at a higher price, generally 50-70% of the original retail price, but in some cases certain styles can resell for close to the purchase price!

We are often able to price the items that are selling on consignment higher than if we were to do a straight buy, which in this case we will price with some wiggle room since we will be taking more of a risk and putting the item for sale.

Where do you get your items?
About 50% of our inventory comes from some amazing women's closets all around Los Angeles that we have been cleaning out since 2012. Through word of mouth we are lucky enough to have a rolodex of loyal clients with great style that in most cases have barely worn most of their items. The other 50% comes from walk-in clients to our physical locations.

Do you take men's clothing?
We do have a small section of men's, which sells great!



Do you ever reduce prices?
It depends on the item. We may reduce the price about 20% if the item has not gotten much interest.

How long do you keep the items?
We sell the items for 5 months, but depending on some factors including the amount of interest we can keep them for longer if the consignor is ok to do so. We are sometimes able to buy out items at the end of the period as well.




Mr Larkin
Dries Van Noten
Maryam Nassir Zadeh
The Row
Ulla Johnson

Louis Vuitton
Jesse Kamm
Jean Paul Gaultier
Golden Goose
Black Crane
Paloma Wool
Comme Des Garcons
Isabel Marant

Eckhaus Latta
Tom Ford
Issey Miyake
Maison Margiela
By Far




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